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About Us

General Information

PREGAIA – Prefabricados, Lda. is established on the market since 1981,currently with its facilities based in Maia, in S. Pedro Fins, Rua das Cardosas, 18 km from the city of Porto. It occupies a total area of 41.400m2, of which 16.700m2 are covered area.

Pregaia develops its activity in the field of prefabrication of concrete, with the object of building construction, manufacturing of concrete products, plaster and cement, design, development, assembly and marketing of various elements for the construction, as well as services related to transport and assembly.

Attained leadership in the domestic market is currently experiencing a phase of international investment, thanks to constant technical development applied to the production and enrichment of know-how and the experience of all its employees, which have contributed significantly to the company's responsiveness, to the requests and technical requirements, that the enlargement of the area of influence of the company's requires.

Obtained on April 30, 2003, the certification of its Quality Management System, the APCER Certificate of Conformity n. 03/CEP.1959, oriented for "design and / or development, production, assembly and after sales service of precast concrete ", according to NP EN ISO 9001:2000.

The main purpose of Prégaia with the implementation of a quality management system is linked to the need, on the one hand, to promote a continuous improvement in our processes, and secondly, to ensure that the final product is always in line with customer's expectations.

Intervention Area

Pregaia is dedicated to the heavy precast manufacturing, in which are included the facade panels of large dimensions, pre-slabs, porticos, steps bench and box-culvert, retaining walls and deposits. Also produces light precast, highlighting the products in GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement), used in the interior and exterior finishes of buildings. Urban furniture, floor coverings and other articles by order, complements the company's trading range.

The focus on innovation of products and processes, more precisely in terms of textures, finishes and formwork, gives Prégaia leadership in the market for the products listed above (facade panels). Thus, the "know how to innovate" has become the company's core competence, differing widely from the competition.

For all of this, Pregaia have own manufacturing facilities and a complete and sophisticated equipment fully computerized. In addition to a wide range of "type-products", also provides, through a specialized and experienced technical office, all the necessary support services to designers, builders and companies with problems of cost reduction, optimization of quality and meeting deadlines construction, in which the solution passes by running precast elements, creatively and rigorously developed, idealized for each specific case.


Prégaia, was founded in 1981 within the group of companies Soares da Costa, by José C. da Costa, Fernando C. da Costa and Laurindo C. da Costa, and began its activity in 1983, after the construction of manufacturing facilities at Rua dos Mouroes in S. Felix da Marinha - Vila Nova de Gaia - with an initial capital of €5 000.

In 2006, Soares da Costa, sells Prégaia to the Spanish group Perez Leiros Construccion.

Transiently during 2006, took the name "LEICONS - Construcao de Edificios, Lda", after which retrieves the brand "Pregaia - Prefabricados, Lda" again.

In August 2007 moved their manufacturing facilities and headquarters for S. Pedro Fins, Maia, by acquiring a plant dedicated to its work.

With an initial capital of €600 000, by proportional increase of the nominal value of its shares in August 2008, members raise the company's share capital to €2 000 000.

Reflecting a constant concern, not only in meeting requirements and quality standards, but also and especially in customer satisfaction, in 2009 Pregaia requested to obtain the CE marking for their products.